Picture Pocket PPR001 Taschen Large A, Wohnung Hängen Fotogalerie, 20 Reversible

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Typ Bilderrahmen Plastik
Marke Picture Pocket


„Picture Pockets“ are inexpensive hanging photo display galleries that have proved incredibly popular with children and adults alike, for many years, all over the world. Parents love displaying photos of their family as they rapidly change in the early years?? Kids love seeing themselves in photos on the wall – placed there by their proud parents?.your child's first photo collection. Of course, there are frames and albums, but nothing as inexpensive, immediately convenient, and with the capacity to hold up to 40 photos on view at all times. Picture Pocket photos are kept clean and undamaged, continually on display, and are easily interchangeable. As soon as you fancy a change, just turn the Picture Pocket over to reveal up to 40 more photos.

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