Xuthuly Frauen-populäre Freizeit-Normallack-mit Rüschen besetzte Patchwork-hohe Schlauch-Aufladungen Damen-einfache Bequeme Flache Plüsch-Schnee-Aufladungen

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Typ Laborschalen
Marke Xuthuly


♥♥♥Welcome to Xuthuly shop, dear friends! More specific information of the item is offered below, hope it can help you make your right choice♛♛♛ ➤➤Product details: ➤➤ Label Size:35 –US:5.5 — UK:3.5 –EU:35 –CN:225 –Foot Length:22.5cm/8.9″ –Foot wide:8-8.5cm/3.2-3.4″ Label Size:36 –US:6 –UK:4 –EU:35.5 –CN:230 –Foot Length:23cm/9.1″ –Foot wide:8.5cm/3.4″ Label Size:37 –US:6.5-7 –UK:4.5 –EU:36 –CN:235 –Foot Length:23.5cm/9.3″ –Foot wide:8.5-9cm/3.4-3.5″ Label Size:38 –US:7.5 –UK:5 –EU:37 — CN:240 –Foot Length:24cm/9.5″ –Foot wide:9cm/3.5″ Label Size:39 –US:8 –UK:5.5 –EU:38 –CN:245 –Foot Length:24.5cm/9.7″ –Foot wide:9-9.5cm/3.5-3.7″ Label Size:40 –US:8.5 –UK:6 –EU:39 –CN:250 –Foot Length:25cm/9.8″ –Foot wide:9.5cm/3.7″ Label Size:41 –US:9 –UK:6.5 –EU:39.5 –CN:255 –Foot Length:25.5cm/10″ –Foot wide:9.5-10cm/3.7-3.9″ Label Size:42 –US:9.5-10 –UK:7 –EU:40 –CN:260 –Foot Length:26cm/10.2″ –Foot wide:10cm/3.9″ Label Size:43 –US:10.5 –UK:7.5 –EU:41 –CN:265 –Foot Length:26.5cm/10.4″ –Foot wide:10.5cm/4.1″ ❀❀❀Our purpose: ❀❀❀ Provide customers with satisfactory products, let customers feel our warm service. ♪♪♪Customer service:♩♩♩ if you like our products,please give a product review for our product, and leave a goodwill service feedback as encouragement. However, if you have any questions, please don't have any hesitate to tell us immediately, we'll solve all problems for you.

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